Facts and Benefits of Visiting Drive-In Restaurants

Any plans for eating out? Well, you may try to have your meals at a drive-in restaurant. You may get different dine-in experiences there. It is because the drive-in restaurant has a very different concept with conventional restaurants. You can just park your vehicles and eat what you have ordered there. There are several drive-in restaurants available in the United States, such as A&W restaurant, Sonic Drive-In restaurant, Checker’s/Rally’s restaurant, and many more. Besides, some restaurants have developed the drive-in concept into something more interesting. These restaurants add a cinema in their made-up parking lot. So, customers can enjoy their meals while watching movies.

But, most people often confuse a drive-in restaurant with drive-thru service. What makes these terms different is the way customers enjoy their meals. At restaurants with drive-thru service, customers should queue in their vehicles. They can make orders through a window, pay the purchases, take their foods, and leave the restaurant location.

facts about drive-in restaurant
facts about drive-in restaurant

To make you understand more about the difference between those 2 terms, we have provided some facts related to the concept of drive-in restaurants. You can read the facts below to get broader knowledge about it.

  • Drive-In restaurants appeared earlier

The concept of drive-in restaurants appeared earlier than drive-thru service. Kirby’s Pig Stand was the first restaurant which provided facilities of drive-in concept in 1921. This restaurant was available in Dallas, Texas. However, people found drive-thru through concept around 50 years later. Both concepts are able to keep their existences by making improvements over the years.

  • Available in most states

It is easy to find drive-in restaurants in the United States. Customers can visit such restaurants in almost all 50 states. Besides, some drive-in restaurants have modernized its concept by creating restaurants mobile apps. If you do not know how to get there, you can use the app to find the drive-in restaurant locations.

  • Super large parking areas

Because drive-in concepts allow customers to stay in their vehicles, you do not need to feel surprised if you find super large parking areas when you visit drive-in restaurants.

  • Menu boards are available in the parking lot

Every lot at drive restaurants has a menu board. This board is the replacement of the menu book.

  • Fast food is the main menu

Customers can order fast food at all drive-in restaurant. No wonder, most customers tend to order burgers or hot dogs when they visit a drive-in restaurant.

  • Drive-In restaurants provide the intercom system

Because customers stay in their vehicles, restaurants provide intercom system at their parking areas. Then, customers can place an order using this system.

  • Carhops are always ready to help

Drive-in restaurants have carhops who will be ready to handle customers. Some restaurants oblige their carhops to roller skate out. This way, it can save the time to serve customers’ orders.

  • There are seating areas

Customers do not have to worry if they do not come with a personal vehicle. Drive-in restaurants have provided seating areas as well. so, customers can choose a table inside the restaurant.

With the facts above, drive-in restaurant absolutely will let you feel different atmosphere during your meal time. Of course, you will because you can have different views and experiences if you come to drive in restaurants. Moreover, you can get some benefits from visiting drive-in restaurants. You will not get the same benefits when you decide to visit conventional restaurants. If you wonder about the positive sides of having your meals at the drive-in restaurants, you can pay attention to the following information.

  • Choose your preferred parking area

Once you arrive at a drive-in restaurant, you can choose which parking area will be your place to have meals. You do not need to worry if you cannot find a place for your vehicle because every drive-in the restaurant has provided a large parking lot for its customers.

  • Place an order anytime

Drive-in restaurants allow you to place an order anytime you want. You do not have to rush because there are not waiters who will wait for you to take your order. if you are ready to place an order, you can just press an order button. Then, you can speak to the staff via the intercom system.

  • more time for choosing the menu item

as you know, drive-in restaurants have provided menu boards to make it easy to place an order. every lot in the parking areas has its own menu board. So, you can take your time to choose your favorite menu items.

  • no queuing

You do not need to queue to place an order like what people always do at fast food restaurants. Besides, you do not need to look for a table for you. Also, you do not wait for a long time when all tables are full.

  • carhops serve your order

After placing an order, a carhop will come to bring your order. At the certain drive-in restaurants, there will be a tray provided at every lot. So, the carhop can just put the order on the tray. If there is no trial available, the carhop can just give your order through the window of your vehicle.

  • enjoy food in the vehicle

The main goal of drive-in restaurants is to let customers enjoy their foods in their own vehicles. This way, customers can be more comfortable when they can eat their meals in their own car.

  • more relaxed

As customers can stay in their own vehicles, they can feel more relaxed. They can turn on a music player in the vehicles. Or, they can do other personal activities in the vehicle while enjoying their foods. So, they will not disturb other restaurant guests with their activities.

  • easy payment

Drive-in restaurants have made the payment easy because customers can make the transaction inside their vehicles. When a carhop comes to give your order, they will bring the bill as well. Then, customers can pay the purchases to the carhop. Moreover, some restaurants may give you a purchase receipt with a survey invitation. For example, Sonic Drive-In restaurant will give customers a receipt to take the Sonic drive in the survey. Next, they can get a survey reward for their participation.

Well, you have just read the facts and benefits of visiting drive-in restaurants. Even though the concept is quite different from the common restaurant concept, drive-in restaurants may give you another impression while enjoying your meals. Now, which drive the restaurant are you eager to visit?