How to Create an Attractive Writing Style for a Blog?

Hello, Creative People! Do you love writing? Well, some of us may agree that writing is a very good passion. We are free to express everything on our minds and feeling indeed. Based on the purpose, we will know that writing can be divided into three kinds of writing. At first, it is about non-economical writing which we write for our private diary, letter as well as the social media status or homepage. Meanwhile, we may be the habit to write for the educational purpose such as writing for the scientific paper, research as well as thesis. Or, we can write for economical purposes such as writing for a blog.

Kinds of Writing
Kinds of Writing

Yes, we all know that blogger becomes a very popular job description among some millennial people. We like managing a blog or the online business because it can earn a lot of money in a quick way. But, to manage a blog, we need to have enough skill to provide attractive content including the writing style to attract the readers. If you are the blog beginners, you are on the very good page as we give you the simple tips to obtain the attractive writing style for your new blog.  Do you curious about it? Let’s here we go!

About an Attractive Writing Style

First thing first, we all know that the skill to obtain a creative writing style is such as a matter of talent. But, practice a lot is sure to help. So that’s why, when you have this special skill, you have to use as good as possible as it becomes your basic supported idea.  But, when you are not confident with your writing skill, you should not give up as practice a lot may be helpful to increase it. Yes, you only need to find the sources that may help you to increase your writing skill and further it can lead you to make an attractive writing style. The purpose is about to attract the readers and make them enjoy spending the time on your blog.

What do You Know about Blog?

Well, for the beginners, knowing the meaning and features or blog may be important. Yes, Friends! A blog is kind of online information spaces that published on the World Wide Web. It is a kind of dynamic pages that serve the regular posts in the terms or words and sentences. Somehow, a blog may contain from a content writer or even comes from a group of writers. Then, it gives the chronological content order that allows the readers to see the list of the recent updates. There is one a few differences between blog and website. They are about the time of post regularity. If you have to update your blog post frequently and regularly, it may be not for a website.

What is blog
What is the blog

On the contrary, the website may show the exact and static post where a reader can receive the same templates, views or ideas about a content that shared. For examples, a satisfaction survey website, company official website or even some online public services. They may post a new content or information rarely. Talking about the benefits of creating a blog, you may get one or even all of these benefits, and here they are:

  • First of all, you are able to get the easy place to share the ideas and your point of views.
  • A blog is the most popular source of information for most Internet users.
  • Then, your blog may be the best business’ marketer. It allows the best communication line between the authors or owners with the customers.
  • For the next, you can earn a lot of money from a blog.
  • At last, the readers or customers can directly give the comments, feedback as well as see the details of your products or business as well as point of views.

6 Tips to Create an Attractive Writing Style

Alright, as we have promised above, we are going to give you simple tips to increase your writing skill as well as the ways to write an attractive writing style. Take it easy, Friends! You have the open opportunity to improve yourself and be better with these tips above. With no talk too much, here some tips that you can do, those are:

  • Tip 1# Read a lot

First of all, the basic need when you want to improve your writing skill. You can collect a lot of references and writing style in Magazines, newspaper, books and much more. Friends! You can see how the other writers put each word and sentences in on the paragraph. Of course, you are able to learn how to play with words and sentences. Somehow, getting know a lot of things on your mind, it will help you easy to write.

  • Tip 2# Decide either the formal or informal style

After that, you are able to make sure about the styles of your writing. It can be a formal or informal style. To deal with this purpose, you have to match it with the kind of your blog. When it applies the formal blog, your content must be matched with it. But, when you prefer to make it informal, you need to choose some words where it is applicable to the informal writing style.

  • Tip 3# Mix them up

Somehow, you write based on some references. Even, they may come with a long paragraph with its details of explanations. Then, to make the attractive writing style, you need to mix them up and be ready with some conjunction words. Not to mention, you can use “Otherwise”, “Because”, “Therefore”, and much more. To make you easy in making good sentences as well as paragraphs, you are able to add the Yoast SEO to measure how well you put your words and sentences. Friends! It is better to avoid writing the long sentences or paragraph as it makes reading harder and bored.

  • Tip 4# Make a Mind-Mapping

For the next, you are able to create a mind-mapping of the content that you are going to make. It will help you to keep focused on the keyword that you choose. Yes, it is better instead of directly writing as you can such as a driver in writing. To create a great mind-mapping, you can explore some ideas that related to the keyword that you take. Not to mention, you are talking about Guide for a New Blogger, you can put the steps to create a blog, benefits of the blog, and how to create a good content for a blog, and much more.

  • Tip 5# Use a Tool

Well, you can use some tool to measure how well your content is. For instance, you can check the Yoast SEO to know how readable your writing style is. Or, you can use the online readable content as it offers free services to check your recent post. Meanwhile, you can show your writing to your friends that may be capable to give comments or suggestions. This case, the discussions with others are very helpful to create attractive writing content.

  • Tip 6# Limit the Difficult Words

At last, you need to limit the difficult words. It will help the readers easy to read your writing as well as get the point of your ideas. Somehow, you need to know who your readers are while you can know which words are appropriate for them. Trust us, when your words and completely difficult, your readers may get bored with it.

Where to Get the Inspiration?

In some cases, we may out of inspiration to write. When you face this situation, you have to close your laptop or computer than go out to get the fresh air. Yes, Friends! Become a blog content writer needs the full of inspiration and fresh idea. But, our brain may limit it when we have worked hard every day. So that’s why we need to get relax to find the other inspiration. There are some ideas where you can find the inspiration, and here they are:

  • At first, you can read a lot of books, novel or magazines.
  • Then, you are able to watch the movie or anime.
  • After that, your inspiration may come from the society around you. So, you need to make a discussion, simple conversation with your partners, family, neighbors as well as friends.
  • Or, it may be from the other blogs and websites. Some references may be got from the other popular website or blogs where you can learn how the contents are structured.
  • For the rest, you can go outside and visit some places that make you relax. It can be the beach, mountain, mall, Recreation Park, swimming pool and much more where it gives you the different views.

5 Preparations before Creating a Blog

Even, creating and managing a blog is not as easy as we see. We need a lot of passions and full of the patient on it. In some cases, your blog may not directly earn the money in the first of publications. But, with the full of patient and efforts, it is possible to be larger and popular. Well, there are some preparations that you need to do when you want to create a new blog. And, here they are:

  • Preparation 1# Prepare the device

The first thing that you need to prepare is about the devices to access and manage the blog. It is impossible to run this business when you don’t have at least one device to support you. As usual, you need to own the electronic device. You are better to use a set of computer or a laptop instead of a smartphone or tablet. Then, you may need a browser and the secure internet connection.

  • Preparation 2# Discuss with the partners

Somehow, a blog business may be run by some group of people. They may have different job descriptions. For example, they can be the content writers and the other may be the web developer. Before starting the blog, it must be good when you make a routine discussion with your partners about the plans, guidelines, schedule and much more.

  • Preparation 3# Choose the Topic

It must be good when you take one of the specific topics of your blog content. It must be better instead of making the mix topics. Make a topic may be better to make the readers focus on reading your blog. When you work with the group of writers with different topic’s passion, you can add some categories to make it specific. If you don’t have any idea about your blog’s topic, here the examples are:

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Beauty and Fashion
  3. Culinary and Cooking
  4. Lifestyle Blog
  5. Travel and Adventures
  6. Technical and Gadget Information
  7. Gamers
  8. DIY Inspiration
  9. Kids and Family Diary
  10. Coupons and Restaurant offers
  11. Film or restaurant’s reviews
  12. And, much more.
  • Preparation 4# Gain more information about Blog Marketing

Well, you can improve your skill in learning about blog marketing. It is about how well you choose the potential keywords that become the most popular people search. When you want to shoot what the potential today is, you need to know what become popular today. To get the details reviews and references, you can add the Keyword Everywhere, pay attention with the Yoast or even see the volume of the word search on the bar.

  • Preparation 5# Choose the best Domain Hosting

For the rest, you are able to get the best blog where you know the place to get the best hosting domain first. Yes, it is such as a house where you can put the various ideas on it. The best hosting domain you have, you will be able to monetize your blog and be easy for people to find out your post.

Alright, we hope that you can get the useful information on this page and practice it on your blog. Please keep in your mind that writing is the best tool to explore the ideas and know your words and inspire the others. Happy writing and exploring!