How to Use WhatsApp Account Productively?

Good People! You are on the new website that gives you everything you need to know in life. Today, we are going to give you the insight into the ways to use WhatsApp Account productively. At this time, all we know that everything run fast and easy because of the use of the internet and technology. Then, the social media becomes one of the factors that may help our activities. Anyway, your WhatsApp Account is not only the app for sending the messages or even calls someone. But, you may explore and make it more productive for you. Well, you need to stay tuned and happy reading on this!

About WhatsApp Application History at Glance

Starting the explanation of this page, you have to know what WhatsApp App is and how it started. Well, it is the freeware, cross-platform messaging as well as the voice over IP Services. It held by Facebook Incorporation. It is firstly created in 2009 by two employees of Yahoo Employees. Do you know? WhatsApp Application has got the difficult moment as it has ever got the lack of social trust. But then, the founder tries to give some differences and it gets a lot of improvement in 2014.

Ways to Use WhatsApp Productively
Ways to Use WhatsApp Productively

Moreover, it gains the top-twenty range positions of the popular mobile application of the Apple’s US App Store. Nowadays, all we know that WhatsApp becomes the most popular communication device for the Android and Apple users in all people on this planet. No matter we have a lot of numbers of the communication device such as Blackberry Messenger, Skype, and much more, WhatsApp is the most popular instead of them. Awesome!

How to Set WhatsApp Application on Our Smartphone?

Alright, when you have not enjoyed the features of WhatsApp, you still have the free time to get it now. And, here some simple ways that you can do to install WhatsApp on your mobile phone, those are:

  • First of all, you are able to visit the Google Play Store or App Store. Just be sure that you have turned on the internet connectivity. At that time, it must be sure that you have created the email account for your phone.
  • After that, you can choose WhatsApp and click on the “Install” button.
  • After that, your WhatsApp Account may need you to write down the name, profile status, and picture as well as the active phone numbers.
  • If you give your old phone numbers, this app may directly access your friends’ numbers. It may be good when you don’t need to share your WhatsApp account.
  • For the next, you have completed all the steps and make sure that you allow the notification and agreement. Then, you can enjoy using the WhatsApp Account.

How to Use WhatsApp Account Productively?

Do you know? WhatsApp Application has contributed many things in our life. Somehow, we are often to use it to call, send the message or even make the video call to our family or friends that are apart. But, guys! You may try some ways to use your WhatsApp more productive. And, here they are:

  • Way 1# Send the PDF Version

In some cases, we may need to send some documents of works or even assignment. Then, we can stop sharing it using Flash disk as our WhatsApp Account may be helpful. Yes, guys! We can send the various kinds of documents using the WhatsApp. Not to mention, it may be Gift, Video, Audio, PDF, and much more. To run this process, you need to choose the recipient then click on the pin near the camera. There, you will see some options where you can get the documents through your card and mobile device.

  • Way 2# Make the Informative Status

One of the most popular WhatsApp features is about to show the user’s status. Here, your friends will be able to see and give some comments on the status that you have made. To make it more productive, you should share the informative status such as the current news, new promotions, as well as Burger King Coupons 2018 guidelines. Guys, you may support it with the various images, colors, and much more.

  • Way 3# Get WhatsApp Web

For the next, you may access the WhatsApp Web on your laptop or computer set. This feature allows you to use WhatsApp using the computer. Even, when you need to send a lot of sizes of documents, you should be better to activate this WhatsApp web and help you to work productively.

WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp Web Functions
  • Way 4# Share the Live Locations

When you need to inform your current location to your friend that is on the way to pick you up, you can use WhatsApp Application to share the live locations. Yes, this app allows you to share the location as well as the live location through the Google Map link. Do you curious? You are able to click on the pin and choose the Google Map Picture then send it to your friend.

  • Way 5# Back up the WhatsApp Data

If something wrong happens on our phone, we may worry to lose our important chat, documents, picture, and much more information. Before this annoying moment exists, you may protect your WhatsApp Account and set the back-up chat using Google Drive. To run this purpose, you need to open the Setting Button and click on Chats and Calls, Chat Backup, and Google Drive Setting. There, you are free to choose the back up the chats daily, monthly or even once a year. Then, you may need to provide the valid email account and get your chat saved.

  • Way 6# Starred Message and archived Chat

For the rest, you may keep some important information or chat on your WhatsApp Application. Someday, when you need to recall it, it may be easy as you don’t need to scroll it up and down. Or, it will be automatically kept on your account no matter you have deleted the other messages. Here, you can take the feature of Starred Message on each important chats or sentences. Or, you may archive the important chats where you can open it whenever you need it.

Alright, we have shared you all beneficial information about the ways to use WhatsApp Account productively. Then, you can practice it and be sure that you improve your work performance using your WhatsApp Account. So, Happy working and see you!