Practical Tips for Newly Hired Employee

Currently looking for work is not an easy thing. You need to meet the requirements according to the position to be able to work. Then you need skills as an assessment while working. If your skills are good, the company will take into account your abilities. So before work you need to recognize your own abilities. Thus you can enjoy more while doing work. But if you don’t recognize your ability, it will make it difficult for you. So good knowledge is still not enough, knowledge must be balanced with skills. Several steps before you are accepted to work.

  1. First, you need to make a job application. Here you should pay attention to the creation of curriculum vitae. Because curriculum vitae are the main points for assessing your abilities. Write about your work history and achievements so far. When creating a curriculum vitae you don’t need to be too detailed. Because officers will have difficulty finding important points in your application.
  2. Second, if you are lucky the company will call you for an interview. Here you don’t just do interviews. Usually, they give a psychological test for you. Then they will interview you. Before you conduct an interview, identify your weaknesses and potential. They can read your character through answers and attitudes during interviews.
  3. Third, determine your graduation to work in the company. This step is the end of the test series. You will receive an announcement after conducting a psychological and interview test. Next, you need to orient your work.
new employee
new employee

Orientation period is a time to get to know the type of work and all about your company. Usually, you will meet with HRD first. They will explain the technicality of doing work orientation. Maybe as a new employee, you feel embarrassed or insecure. This is a natural thing. But you must be able to overcome your shame and inferiority. The orientation period can be an assessment of your ability to socialize. Companies need employees who are easy to socialize. Then they need someone who can work with other people. If you feel confused, read our instructions. We will provide some tips that you must do as a new employee.

  1. First, you should focus on the introductory process.

The first person who will greet you while working is HRD. He will explain to you several tasks and general company introductions. Usually, you will get an id card and password to use the employee portal. During the introductory period, they will provide information about the organizational structure. Then they provide information about business activities, the company’s vision, and mission. The purpose of introducing the company is to make you more familiar with your workplace. focus your mind to learn new information from HRD.

  1. Second, keep calm and observe the conditions around you.

In the orientation period, you need to know your company and colleagues. If you don’t understand a lot, you don’t need to worry. You need to be calm and make observations. If you are too conspicuous at first impressions, you will be considered excessive. Here you need to limit your activity. Do your best and work according to regulations.

  1. Third, try to speak at the same volume.

When you adapt to your new office, speak with the same volume. If your company demands a calm atmosphere, then lower your voice. Conversely, if the atmosphere around you uses hard volumes you can do it. Be careful when talking loudly, because you can be the main focus of your coworkers.

  1. Fourth, do introductions with new employees and old employees.

If you want to get to know your environment, you must have an initiative. You can’t wait for someone to come and invite you to meet. You should start approaching your other colleagues. Introduce your name and position in the company.

  1. Fifth, you need to maintain politeness while working.

As a new employee, you usually feel shy and insecure. However, you should be friendly and polite when you meet your colleagues. Don’t ignore them when they meet. At lunch, try to join the old employee. Thus you can make friends with them. If you are easy to get along with colleagues, this will make it easier for you. Because maybe at work you can find difficulties. Furthermore, they can help you.

  1. Sixth, study your company well.

Furthermore, during the orientation period, you need to know the company well. If you immediately adapt, then your work will be easier. Don’t be shy about asking if you don’t understand while working. Thus you will be more familiar with your coworkers. Here are some things you need to know when becoming a new employee.

  • First, identify the history of your company.
  • Second, identify the regulations in your company.
  • Third, you need to know the infrastructure in your work environment.
  • Fourth, you need to know your rights and obligations while working.
  • Fifth, you need to recognize the position and name of the person in your office. If possible, greet them when you meet.
  1. Seventh, avoid complaints or problems during your work.

As a new employee, you should avoid complaints and problems. Aside from being an assessment during orientation, you need to maintain this attitude. When the first week of orientation period is less comfortable. Because you are still unfamiliar with colleagues and work atmosphere in your company. Usually, they will give you lots of work. Then your partner is unable to help you. You must be patient when facing the situation. As a new employee, you still don’t have the space to complain. Think about every action you take.

  1. Eighth, arrange your work desk.

Before you start work, HRD will show your workspace and desk. Here you need to get acquainted with the employees around you. Thus you will be easier to ask if you find out difficulties. Then you need to arrange your work desk. Organizing a work desk can make your mood better. Next, you need to keep the work desk always neat. If your desk is clean and tidy, you will be passionate about starting work. Bring enough goods. Make sure you can be free when working on documents.

  1. Access the employee portal.

Nowadays, most companies provide the employee portal or self-service website for its employees. As the example, you may work at Darden company. This way, you can access Krowd Olive Garden. This portal will help you a lot to search for any information about your job. Besides, you can find the details about your salary, schedule, and benefits.