Types of Menu in a Restaurant You Must Know


Restaurant becomes one of the most popular business fields today. Various types of restaurants have been around you. One of them is the Perkins restaurant. You can even join Perkinsrestaurants eclub to get closer with this restaurant. Then they try to attract customers with the uniqueness of each restaurant. Usually, they use interior design as a restaurant attraction. Furthermore, the type of menu is one of the determining factors for consumer visits. Before choosing a restaurant, there are several factors that you need to pay attention to. First, pay attention to the cleanliness of the restaurant you visit. Second, pay attention to the types of food available in the restaurant. Adjust to the wishes of you and your family or friends. Third, you need to find out about the price of food in the restaurant. So that the budget you spend does not make you difficult afterward.

Then when you visit a new restaurant, of course, you do not know out food available. Thus you need a menu to help you choose food. Many types of menu available in the restaurant. Menu types can be influenced by the type of restaurant. Thus you need to choose your favorite restaurant first. Then you will get your favorite menu too. Well guys, this time we will discuss the type of menu in the restaurant. Good knowledge of the menu will make it easier for you when ordering food. Because of course, you have experienced regret for choosing food incorrectly. One way to avoid this is to look at some of our reviews. Thus you will avoid regret after ordering food.

types of menu
types of menu in a restaurant

Menu based on presentation type

The menu means a list of foods that can be served to consumers while in the dining room. The menu comes from the word “Le Menu” adopting from French. Whereas in the United Kingdom, the menu is better known as the “Bill of Fare”. The Bill of Fare is a guideline for preparing dishes in restaurants. In addition to providing food in the restaurant, the menu serves to promote restaurants. They will design menu books with interest. Usually, the menu book contains some information about food. First, the name of the food available in the restaurant. Second, pictures of food and ingredients used to make food. Third, at this time they provide information about the price of food. Before we discuss menu types, the following are menu functions:

  1. First, the menu serves to communicate between restaurants and visitors.
  2. Second, the menu serves to promote facilities and programs available in the restaurant.
  3. Third, the menu serves as a guide to planning a restaurant kitchen. They can determine food requirements and cooking equipment. Then they can determine the equipment to serve food.
  4. Fourth, the menu serves as a guide for consumers in choosing food menus in restaurants. Consumers can determine food based on ingredients or food prices.

After you know about the menu function, now you need to know about the type of menu. So before you make an order, make sure you have read the menu book. Some menus are based on the type of presentation.

  1. First, A la Carte Menu.

A la Carte is a menu that serves food from appetizers to desserts. On A la Carte Menu you can choose foods according to the menu group. Thus you can choose foods according to your wishes. Then you only need to pay attention to the type of menu and food prices. So you can adjust the order with the budget you have. Types of dishes you need to know to include Appetizer, Soup, Main Course and Dessert. If you order food from all categories, you order a complete menu. A la Carte Menu has many and complete components. Because it consists of an appetizer to dessert.

But often people are not able to spend their food. This is because consumers have felt full after consuming appetizer and soup dishes. So if you want to taste all the food, make sure you wait until all the food is at your dining table. Thus you will not spend one by one food.

  1. Second, Table D’hote Menu.

Table D’hote is a menu presentation with a package system. In one package you can usually enjoy an appetizer to dessert. Thus you don’t have many menu choices. So you might find out a menu that you don’t like. Furthermore, this type of menu is a little harm to you. But the advantage is the price of food. Here you can reduce your expenses more. The package system usually offers a cheaper price than the A la Carte Menu with the separate presentation. So choose your choice, adjust the order with the number of consumers and the portion you ordered. Furthermore, this menu is often used to serve guests in group form. So that the restaurant will be easier when serving food.

  1. Third, Special Party Menu.

Special Party is a menu that serves food for certain celebrations. This menu must go through an agreement between the consumer and the organizer. Here the restaurant can cooperate with the hotel when serving the menu. You can determine the price of food according to the agreement with the organizer. But the restaurant can also present the type of menu that you can order. So you only need to adjust to the guests present at your party. Thus you can enjoy your party comfortably. Because dishes and equipment have become the responsibility of the organizer or restaurant. You only need to adjust the menu order with the event that you will carry out. For example, a dish for a party with friends will be different from an event with colleagues in the office. Thus you can order a menu based on the guests you invite in your party.

  • First, Cocktail Party Menu.

If you are a worker in the social relations field, of course, you need to know about this menu. Often companies will have the ambition to open branches elsewhere. Thus the company needs to do a new product and company launching event. So, of course, you need a dish to entertain your guests. The menu that is suitable for official activities is Cocktail Party Menu. This type of menu should be served between lunch and dinner. Whereas foods available include small cakes, sandwiches, and snacks. The purpose of serving this food is to establish relationships between your invited guests.

  • Second, Business Lunch.

On the Business Lunch menu, the food available is snacks and is easy to digest. In addition to paying attention to the taste of food, this menu serves foods with good nutrition. The purpose of this menu presentation is to increase consumer enthusiasm and prevent fatigue. So that consumers can stay focused on their business without being diverted by the food on the table. Here you can enjoy foods like meat or salmon. Of course, you need a fresh drink to get rid of the taste of the food. Drinks like fruit juices are suitable to accompany your Business Lunch Menu. Fruit juice is a light drink and provides freshness for the audience. In addition to its freshness, fruit juice can help you reduce your blood cholesterol after eating animal foods.

  • Third, Tourist Group Menu.

If you work for a travel agent, of course, you need to understand the type of Tourist Group Menu. You need to know the real food of your vacation destination. In addition, you need to understand the country’s special food from your guests. That way you can adjust their habits with typical food at vacation spots. You can order food according to the number of consumers. With the right planning, of course, you can satisfy your clients. Foods that have different tastes from your consumer food can make them uncomfortable. Thus you need to do a little research on the characteristics of your guests.

  • Fourth, State Banquet.

Finally, you can order the State Banquet Menu. Menu knowledge is very important for those of you who work in government. Because important state visits and guests can become your customers. Here you can highlight the typical food of your country. Because you certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to promote the rich taste of food in your country. Often for state meals, you need to collaborate with experienced restaurants. For example, you can choose a restaurant by offering international and typical menus. Then you can ask for food samples. Thus you can provide an assessment of the taste of food and the appearance of food. Remember, your guest is an important person for your country. the good name of your country participates in the presentation of food at the state banquet.