What Can You Do to Maximize Your WhatsApp?

Year after year, the features on our mobile phone was dramatically changing. If you the old phones can be used to call, send a message or even listen to the radio, now you may get more complicated. Yes, your mobile phone is such as a robot that can provide all the things you need as well as do everything you hope. For instance, the features may become complex as you can get the live video, listen to the music, access the internet and much more examples. Well, we all know that the better performance of our phone is supported with the improvement in the terms of internet and technology.


Alright, we all agree that a communication device on the mobile phone is one of the prominent aspects that we must have. For example, we have Blackberry Messenger, Skype, Messanger, as well as WhatsApp become very popular for mostly the Android and Apple users. And now, WhatsApp become the number one communication device that almost all people in this planet set in on their private smartphone. Then, we try to take this app as the main discussion of this page. Yes, we are going to discuss much WhatsApp, the history, features and even the benefits that may improve your business performances. So that’s why, you have to keep on focusing on this page and mark the useful information that may ease your day. Enjoy reading!

The History of WhatsApp

First of all, we are going to start this discussion by giving you a short history of WhatsApp. Do you know? WhatsApp was created by two of Yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum on February 24, 2009. At that time, they incorporated WhatsApp, Inc. in California, the United States. Of course, it was not an easy time as Acton and Koum get a lot of refuses for a lot of big companies. And, Facebook becomes one of them. Passing the lack of trust from the customers, WhatsApp depends on the Apple users but it does not give the significant result. But, in early 2011, WhatsApp gets its golden age and be the top twenty Apps in Apple’s US App Store. Then, in the first of February 2014, WhatsApp earn the revenue up to $1.5 Billion valuations and it leads Facebook incorporation to acquire this app. And, yes! Facebook was the success in acquiring this app with the US $10 Billion. Believe it or not, it is the biggest acquisition numbers in the whole Facebook history.

The Overview of WhatsApp

Well, every each of us should be familiar with WhatsApp. It is the freeware and cross-platform messaging and voice over IP Services owned by Facebook Incorporation. In general, WhatsApp allows the users to send the text, get the calls, video calls, as well as send the images, documents as well as the media player. Those features are the basic feature of a free communication device that has been helping us for more than a decade. But now, WhatsApp improves its performance into some kinds of features and benefits. The simple innovation is about to create the status. It is about the free-wall spaces where you show to your friends about something that you do and even what you are felling about. Further, this status service eases you to share the information with all your contact without texting them one by one.

What are the WhatsApp Features that You Need to Know?

Great! We are going to share you the features on WhatsApp that you need to know. Yes, we have talked a couple of times that this app will ease all of your works and your communication’s necessity. So, starting of using WhatsApp Application, it is a must to explore the features on it. And, here they are:

  • Group Video and Voice Calls

If you are on apart from your family, you may like to use the video calls to see and talk to them. It looks real as you will feel like at home. Then, you WhatsApp has the authority to lead you to create the Group WhatsApp Video Calls. When you are curious to run it, you need to call one person then you can tap on the little user icon on the top-right corner of the chat. And, you just need to click on Add Participants Together then select the phone numbers.

  • Group Chat

When you need to make a discussion with your classmate or even your big family, creating the WhatsApp Group may be a good decision. To access this feature, you can tap on the small icon on the top-right corner of your app and choose “New Group” menu. Then, you can click on the numbers that you will invite to join. After all is complete, you can put the group name then start the discussion.

  • Delete the “Un-send” Message

If you have made the wrong message, mistyping words or even you are too shy to say “Love” to your crush, you may delete those “un-send” message so they will not be able to read it. Just be sure that the blue sign has not appeared yet. Then, you can take the long press on the message that you want to delete. Then, you will see some options that you can choose that message. Yes, it may delete for yourself, everyone, as well as canceling.

  • Share your Live Locations

We need to be grateful as WhatsApp can be linked with Google Map. Of course, both of them are great applications. Well, through your WhatsApp, you are able to share your live location for your friends or family where they get difficult to find out your locations. Even, it may limit on some limited-time instruction.

  • Manage your Chat Privacy

Well, guys! You have a right to manage the chat privacy on your WhatsApp Account. There are some parts that you are able to keep. They are about your Last Seen, Profile Photo, Account’s Status, as well as the Read Receipt. To run this features, you are able to tap on the small icon on the top-right corner of the page then choose the menu “Setting”. There, you need to choose the menu “Privacy” then select the privacy that you want to manage. Even, each of them has the secret functions that will keep your privacy.

  • Set the Status Privacy

In some cases, you may need to share the secret status that you don’t want to some people know about. It is a simple task as you can set your “Status Privacy”. This menu is available on the top-right corner of the site. There, there are three options that you can choose, those are sharing the status to only “My Contacts”, “My Contact Exception”, or “Only Share with”. Meanwhile, you are able to “Mute” someone’s status that maybe it disturbs you. You only need to take the long-press to his or her status then choose to “Mute” on it. So, whenever they make status, you won’t be able to see it.

  • Two-Step Verification

This feature is your WhatsApp Account Protection. Yes, it is the protection where no one else can hijack your WhatsApp Account. To run this protection, you need to get the Setting Menu then click on “Account”. There, you will see the Two-Step Verification Menu and start to apply the requirements. If you know, it may need six-digit of the password. Even, using your birth date or phone number are not good ideas.

  • Back-Up Chat on Google Drive

Guys, you may need to back up your chats, documents or even photos that are kept on your WhatsApp Application. To run this, you need to go to the Setting Button, choose the Chats and Calls, Chat Backup, and Google Drive Setting. It may need your valid email account. Then, you can choose to back up your chat daily, weekly, monthly or even once a year.

  • WhatsApp Web

Today, you may access the WhatsApp Website where allows you to access this app on your computer or laptop. It may be helpful when you need to send some important documents that are on your laptop to your classmates or coworkers. Somehow, this secret feature can be used to monitor the other WhatsApp account to know what they are doing on WhatsApp. Just be sure that you do not use this way to monitor your girl or boyfriends. If they know, they may get angry with you.

  • Star Message

When you find out the important chat from your coworkers or friends they want to keep it. You can give it “Start” it is the way to save that message although you have deleted all messages. If you want to do it, you need to take the long-press on the message then click the menu “Starred Message”.

Alright, we have given you a few features on WhatsApp Application. It may be glad when you can explore your app when you are in your free time. You know, although your WhatsApp Account can be a good communication tool, you can try an interesting idea to share your suggestion and opinion. Not to mention, you can take TellHCO.com and share your opinion about Hollister co. Company. You can win the instant Hollister Coupons Discount of 10% off for all Hollister Products.  Well, thanks for reading this page and see you on the next titles!